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Biographies & Statements

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Vice President/President-Elect:

     Kathleen (Katie) Brown[html][pdf] 
     Femi Cadmus[html][pdf] 


     Luis Acosta[html][pdf] 
     Scott D. Bailey[html][pdf] 

Executive Board Member:

     Beth Adelman[html][pdf] 
     Catherine M. Monte[html][pdf] 
     Jean P. O'Grady[html][pdf] 
     Katherine M. Lowry[html][pdf] 

Download the PDF of all the biographies & statements.

"Q & A PERSPECTIVE: Get to Know Your 2017 AALL Executive Board Candidates", AALL Spectrum, Vol. 20, no. 6, July/August 2016, pg. 14-20.

Listen to the recordings from the vice president candidates forum and the secretary and executive board members candidates forum.

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