AALL Online Election

Availability of the AALL Online Election System

AALL offers all its chapters and special interest sections (SIS) the option to use the AALL Online Election System. The AALL Online Election System is a customizable system that allows chapters and SISs to easily set-up and run their own elections. Carefully read the AALL Electronic Balloting Service Agreement for detailed information about responsibilities and important election timelines. Some specifications are highlighted below. Once you are ready to register for the AALL Online Election System, fill out the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact AALL support.

Here are some important specifications about the AALL Online Election System.

  • Chapters and SISs must register with AALL 30 days prior to their election starting.
  • Chapters and SISs will have control over setting up their election. Some of the capabilities include: providing logos, specifying election dates, declaring election committee members, and listing offices and the candidates running for them. Note: All files that need to be uploaded (i.e. biographies, images, logos, and a list of eligible voters.) must be sent to support@aall.org.
  • Chapters and SISs will be responsible for uploading their list of eligible voters.
  • On the day a chapter or SIS election opens, AALL will email all their eligible voters their voting information. Please note that chapters and SISs are responsible for marketing their election through their discussion lists and web sites.
  • Chapters will be assessed a flat fee of $150.00 for a single election. The fee is due and payable to AALL 15 days prior to the start date of the election. SISs will receive this service free of charge.

How It Works